Welcome to this gallery of botanical art. The research for these paintings involved much fieldwork across the country, taking colour notes, habitat and species photographs. This was the necessary support for the final work of illustration in the studio, the subjects being drawn out and painted using Schmincke watercolours on Italian Fabriano 5 hot-press fine art paper.


Orchis mascula - Early Purple Orchid and other Spring flowersOphrys sphegodes - Early Spider OrchidAnacamptis morio - Green-veined OrchidNeotinea ustulata - Burnt OrchidDactylorhiza incarnata subspecies incarnata; Early Marsh OrchidPlatanthera chlorantha - Greater Butterfly OrchidHammarbya paludosa - Bog OrchidEpipactis palustris - Marsh Helleborine OrchidHimantoglossum hircinum - Lizard OrchidDactylorhiza incarnata subspecies cruenta - Flecked Marsh OrchidOphrys speculum - Mirror OrchidOphrys apifera, chlorantha, and bicolor - Bee Orchid, three vari

Primula elatior - OxlipPrimula vulgaris - PrimroseCypripedium calceolus - Lady's Slipper OrchidArbutus unedo - Strawberry TreeOrchis militaris - Military OrchidCymbidium OrchidCampanula rotundifolia - HarebellErica umbellata 'David Small' - Portuguese Heath, cultivarCypripedium calceolus - Lady's Slipper OrchidEpipogium aphyllum - Ghost OrchidDactylorhiza maculata subspecies ericetorum - Heath Spotted OrchOrchis simia - Monkey OrchidPrimula auricula "White Ensign" cultivarAjuga pyramidalis - Pyramidal BugleLiparis loeselii subspecies ovata - Fen Orchid, dune varietyOphrys apifera - Bee OrchidCampanula rotundifolia - HarebellPulsatilla vulgaris - Pasqueflower
















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